Executive Care Services

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Michael R. Reynolds Photoworks

Executive Care Services

Services Included as Part of Annual Fee*

Comprehensive annual medical examination

  • Comprehensive medical history review, including family history and health habits
  • Complete physical examination
  • Body weight, Body Mass Index and percentage body fat determination
  • Screening for lung function and hearing impairment
  • Screening for sleep disturbances, stress and other emotional challenges
  • Referrals for age-appropriate screening tests, e.g., colonoscopy, bone densitometry, heart evaluations and mammography (outside diagnostic testing is not covered by the annual fee)

Concierge Care Services

Executive Care includes all of the amenities of concierge medicine for the entire year, such as 24/7 physician cell phone availability, e-mail communication and easy access to urgent care appointments. Please see Concierge Services section for complete details.

Heart Disease Prevention Program

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in our country and one of the largest goals of preventative care. Executive Care contains a comprehensive program to assist in reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Components include careful assessment of smoking, diet and exercise habits, EKG, measurement of weight, blood pressure, examination of heart, lungs and pulses. If needed, patients will be referred for heart tests such as exercise stress test to measure function and Heart Scan with electron beam computed tomography to measure coronary artery calcium. (Outside cardiac testing is not covered by the annual fee)

Executive Care also includes screening with Bostonheart, a state of the art cardiovascular risk panel of tests. This panel contains many tests that are not included in routine, insurance covered testing. Tests such as HDL and LDL subfractions as well as Lipoprotein (a) that can provide valuable clues that might otherwise be missed. These sophisticated tests provide a way to measure progress of medical and lifestyle interventions designed to reduce cardiac risk.

Weight Management Program

Approximately two thirds of Americans are overweight. Executive Care offers an opportunity to address the many causes of this problem. Careful examination and testing can reveal medical and emotional causes of obesity as well as medical complications of obesity. We provide a coordinated management program integrating patient education, stress management, fitness and nutritional assessment as well as referral to gastronomical resources in the community.

Fitness Evaluation

Executive Care includes an in-depth evaluation of a patient’s level of physical fitness from a variety of perspectives including physical strength, balance, posture, and past injury assessment. Working under the close supervision of a credentialed fitness expert, each patient undertakes a series of tests and exercises designed to reveal the subtle details of individual fitness. The assessment concludes with a customized exercise plan designed to safely and effectively achieve fitness goals

Nutrition Evaluation

Executive Care includes a complete nutritional assessment. A registered dietitian will review your medical history, family history, laboratory results, and your food habits. After consulting with Dr. Rotman, he or she will provide you with specific dietary recommendations to meet your health and fitness goals. Treatment plans emphasize practicality, flexibility and good taste.

Stress Management

High levels of professional achievement can be associated with increased levels of stress, sleep disturbances and other emotional challenges which can sap productivity. Executive Care includes assessment for stress, sleep and emotional disturbances with available treatment options including referrals to executive coaches and therapists if desired. (Outside referrals are not covered in the annual fee).

Executive Care Annual Fees

$4,500 per individual

Effective April 1, 2020

Please contact us for pricing options to include family members.

*For Medicare patients, beginning on January 1, 2011, Medicare will cover an annual “Wellness Evaluation.” this examination will be billed to Medicare. You will be given a refund against your annual fee equal to the amount billable to Medicare for the annual “Wellness Evaluation.”

Executive Care FAQs

Q: Do I still need health insurance?

A: Yes, Executive Care is not a replacement for your health insurance.


Q: Do I need to switch from my current physician to become a member of Executive Care?

A: No, Executive Care provides an added layer of safety and convenience with many features, such as 24/7 cell phone access to your physician.


Q: Can family members join?

A: Absolutely! Please contact us for pricing options.


Q: How is this different than the annual physical I already receive?

A: Most physicians face ever worsening time pressure. Preventative care can suffer. Executive Care provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team approach specifically emphasizing preventative care.


Q: Is it worth the money?

A: Yes, on many levels.

  • Evidence suggests executive physicals and concierge care can reduce health care expenditures.
  • Preventing catastrophic health problems for yourself and for other executives at your company reduces indirect costs.
  • Executive Care provides an attractive employee benefit.
  • Healthy employees are more productive.
  • Executive Care can reduce sick leave.


Q: If I sign up, am I required to complete all the components of Executive Care?

A: No, Executive Care has been crafted to provide a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, however, each individual component has value on its own.


Q: Will I have time for this?

A: Yes, the program is designed for extremely busy individuals. Ideally, the comprehensive exam, fitness assessment, in office testing and blood draw would occur during a single 4 hour period. With a physician follow up and nutritionist consultation requiring 1-2 hours occurring several weeks later. However, we are completely flexible and able to accommodate most scheduling requirements with some of the services available through telephone or on-line consultation.