From Barry Rotman MD

Please see below for COVID-19 updates I’ve shared with my patients. Please refer to the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for up to date information.

Link to CoVID on CDC website

A Great Miracle Has Happened Here!

On Friday December 11, on the first day of Hannukah, the FDA gave Pfizer the Emergency Use Authorization to give us a truly remarkable gift – an mRNA vaccine against COVID-19.  I read the peer-reviewed study of the vaccine that appeared in the New England Journal of...

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Nutritional Supplements for COVID-19 From D to Z

Many of you have been asking about zinc and its possible protective effects from COVID-19. Recently, there have been a series of observational studies from Spain, India, and Japan demonstrating that low zinc levels are associated with worse outcomes with COVID-19...

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A statistics lesson from Donald J. Trump

The president of the most powerful nation on earth has now contracted COVID-19, demonstrating that anyone can catch the illness. By contracting COVID-19, he illustrates the fallacy of relying on testing in lieu of adequate social distancing and protective measures....

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Influenza vaccination 2020 – Why, When and Where

Why: The current focus on the COVID-19 pandemic should not distract us from the risk posed by seasonal influenza infections which can cause tens of thousands of deaths. Furthermore, the combination of COVID-19 and Influenza could potentially place a huge strain on the...

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COVID 19 PCR Testing Part #2

Two emerging trends have developed since my last update, so very long ago, on July 10th 2020. First, there has been a growing recognition that the COVID-19 infectivity is frontloaded, occurring mostly in the first five days after infection. In fact, the CDC has now...

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