Executive Care

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Executive Care

Do you overlook your most valuable asset?

Executive Care from Barry Rotman, MD, Inc. is our wellness and prevention offering that is an investment in your healthcare portfolio.

To invest in your health and the health of your company, please contact us to learn more about Concierge and Executive Care from Barry Rotman, MD Inc.

Executive Care offers the opportunity for even the busiest people to receive the healthcare they deserve in order to:

  • Prevent illness through early detection
  • Maintain optimal fitness and nutrition
  • Manage stress

In the current medical environment, are you and other executives receiving the healthcare you need? Consider these facts:

  • One-third of Americans who have diabetes don’t know it
  • 50% of men and 64% of women who died suddenly of a heart attack, never knew they had cardiovascular disease
  • 66.3% of Americans are overweight

Prevention represents a solid return on investment.

  • A 2002 study in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine documented a 20% reduction in medical claims costs and 45% reduction in short-term disability days in employees receiving an executive physical.
  • Research by the Mayo Clinic revealed that executive physicals discovered previously unknown illnesses:
    4.9% of participants had potentially life threatening disease and 34.4% had other severe conditions.

Executive Care provides an executive physical and so much more. It’s a comprehensive yearlong health and wellness program rooted in a strong relationship with your personal physician. The annual fee includes all the amenities of concierge medicine, such as 24/7 physician cell phone availability, e-mail communication and easy access to urgent appointments. Our ability to accommodate your busy schedule may reduce productivity loss due to illness.

The 4 Core Principles of Executive Care


We emphasize early disease detection and prevention through comprehensive, unhurried physical examinations as well as use of state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies such as Bostonheart’s advanced cardiovascular blood tests which go far beyond the traditional cholesterol panel to potentially discover hidden heart disease risks.


Peak performance requires attention to both. We explore issues such as sleep habits, emotional health and stress management to reduce the risk of illness as well as enhance clarity and focus.



Too much illness comes from poor food choices. Nutritional assessment and planning with a registered dietician plays a key role in our care. We pride ourselves on referring people to the appropriate gastronomical resources in our community. Good health requires good food!



Executive Care is the perfect antidote to the current medical climate. We provide efficient, responsive and personalized care. Our office atmosphere is luxurious and relaxed.