From Barry Rotman MD

Please see below for COVID-19 updates I’ve shared with my patients. Please refer to the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for up to date information.

Link to CoVID on CDC website

PCR testing for COVID-19

Two months ago, I wrote about what might happen after we phased out shelter in place. Unfortunately, increased activity has led to rising rates of COVID-19 infections. Some states, such as Texas and Florida, which were never very compliant with social distancing are...

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Blood Type is Not Destiny

Recent media articles linking blood type to outcomes in COVID-19 infections have led some of you to ask about your blood (ABO) type. These studies looked at populations in New York City, China and Europe and noted worse outcomes for those with type A blood and better...

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Can Vitamin D reduce the risk of COVID-19?

Short answer: Please take Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 2,000-5,000iu per day- can’t hurt and might help. Vitamin D supplementation has been a contentious topic long before COVID-19. We have known through population studies that low Vitamin D is associated with a...

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What happens after shelter in place? #2

Timing is the secret of success in real estate, comedy and activities during COVID 19 shelter in place. Over the last week, many of you have asked me advice about when to travel to see loved ones, to get an infected tooth extracted and engage in a variety of other...

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Antibody testing update and Pepcid shortage

Brief summary: Still too soon for antibody testing and no Pepcid (famotidine) available because it is being studied as a possible COVID 19 treatment. The last few weeks have seen the availability of many new tests for antibodies to COVID 19, most of which, have not...

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What happens after a shelter in place?

Forty years ago (wow!) when I took a macroeconomics course, we learned about the classic “guns vs. butter” trade-off when governments chose between defense or consumer spending. Governments today face the much higher-stakes “lives vs. dollars” conundrum as they...

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